Our Work Love God. Serve God. Everything is in that.


saintclareSt. Francis and St. Clare considered work as a gift from God and called it a grace, so that, with the help of the Lord, we may return to him an increase of his talents. (Art. 109.1 General Constitutions of the Order of Saint Clare). Above all, we are called to serve the Lord and His Church through prayer, poverty, and living the Gospel in a joyful manner.

Amidst our rhythm of prayer and contemplation, there are many different types of work that we are called upon to do. Some seem much more glamorous such as publishing books, managing a 24 hour, 5000 watt radio station or creating beautiful ceramics that win great prizes. But in truth all work if done for the glory of God is glamorous and holy and wonderful in God's eyes. 


A priest told us in a sermon one time that he was walking by the Monastery with a lady and she said "What are they there for?" and he said, "That's why, so you'll ask why." There's hopefully a witness here of living for God. Why we live the way we do is not explainable any other way.

We're a visible sign that God is present and that's what we've committed our life to is to make Him present here and now and to help people through whatever needs they have that they want to bring to God. Prayer is a matter of relationship with God. He's our Father and He listens to what His children, all of us, present to Him as our needs. But many people don't pray and we pray for all the needs of the Church and the world. Also, many people call us or write or come and ask us to pray for specific needs. We are here to take your needs, your concerns to the heart of God. 

On behalf of you and me and everyone else in the Church they are praying for us, that's what they do, and I can't think of very many things that are more important than that in the life of the Church today and in the past and in days to come.
Eric Meisfjord

Our ministry and our vocation is all about [being] that assuring presence that yes, God hears, God's available, and we're here for you too.

Sister Marcia Kay

Your faith kicks in and sometimes you need a little help with that. And they are such faithful women and bring so much, it can do nothing but help.
Gary Redding


Well Sister Marcia Kay came into my studio the first time we met, she wanted to take some classes. I said, well, I'll make you a deal. So, I would give her classes in exchange for prayers. I had lost several babies and I was pretty sad and sorrowful about it and losing my optimism. 

And so I cut a deal with Sister thinking well, what do I have to lose. So she promised she'd pray for me, and I said, Okay, pinky swear promise is a promise. And guess what happened? I have four children. So at one point I asked her to stop praying!

And so, I've got four great kids and I think it's because of her powerful, undying promise to pray. 

-Annie Ryan-Meyers


The thing that touches our lives everyday is what they've done for Catholic Radio.

The Poor Clare Sisters make this form of communications ministry possible. That begins with the facility that they open up to us free of charge that they maintain, that they operate on behalf of Sacred Heart Radio. As well as the time that they give to us and their own expertise.

I don't know how many people know this, but it's the Sisters who provide the engineering expertise for most of what we do here in radio ministry through the Spokane Diocese. 

-Eric Meisfjord