The Priesthood 101 Inspirational Stories

This book will give you a glimpse of the joy and fulfillment that comes through a deep relationship with God. It's a relationship that is made possible by God primarily through two sacraments. One is the Eucharist where Jesus is truly present in His body and blood, and the other is the sacrament of reconciliation where Jesus offers us complete forgiveness and a warm welcome back into God's love whenever we have sinned against Him. The potency of these sacraments which can totally transform, heal, and renew us are obtained only through the hands of the validly ordained priest.

As you read this book you will experience the great lengths that God has taken to bring each of us into a close and deep communion with Himself. You will see and experience through the living witness of others the gentle and loving ways that God reaches out to us through the sacraments of the Church, ministered to us by His priests.

101 Inspirational Stories of the Priesthood goes beyond the average simple collection of personal human interest tales to delve into the heart of the spirit of the priesthood. There is so much goodness in these stories that it brings hope to readers that God still works wonders in our world and His love still lives on in the actions of our priests. It also brings a smile to the face and a bright light to the heart.
Cindy Go

Understand that great and life-changing good is being done the world over by dedicated and holy men whose sacred office is to God and their parishioners ... This is an excellent "everyday" book full of "everyday" stories written by people who have witnessed and benefited from the love, dedication and total altruism of men whose vows are their whole life. Their love of God and their fellow man shines through in a way we can only hope to emulate in our own lives.

J. Shryock

It's long overdue, this book of tributes to the quiet, humble and unsung heroes God has called to the Catholic priesthood. God knew what He was doing when He chose these men, sometimes surprising them in the process. One hundred and one stories that affirm what most of our priests truly are, another Christ. Pick any story, and the love of the Lord for His people shines through each of these 101 priests. A book of sheer joy.

June R. St. James